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Fourth Form - Year 9


The following subjects are studied in the Fourth Form:-

English, mathematics, science, French, a choice of Spanish or German, history, geography, music, design and engineering, art and RE. Pupils also study either Latin or classical civilisation together with ancient Greek or our innovative and tailor-made Think! programme. 


Think! has proved a highly popular programme and was designed to develop individual pupils in the Fourth Form as reflective learners. As such it provides skills and attitudes useful in all subjects and as the pupils progress up the School.

Components: The Think! programme is made up of seven components that the pupils are judged upon each term:  

Do you display a good knowledge and understanding of the academic topics that you will be studying in Think! ? Can you recall key points, apply your knowledge in answering questions? Do you answer questions in class discussion? Do you ask relevant and interesting questions?

Do you go the extra mile in your learning by exploring topics (in any subject) that interest you?

Do you make an attempt to find out extra information about the Think! topics that you study and present them in interesting ways?

Do you contribute to class discussion both by answering and asking questions? Have you given a presentation to the class or participated in a debate or other spoken activity?

Have you made an attempt to understand how best you learn? Have you reflected on your learning (not only in Think!but across the School) and written down what you need to do to improve?

Have you read newspaper articles, magazines and books both on the topics that you study in Think! and also in other subjects that you are interested in?

Have you made a conscious effort to improve the accuracy and range of the words that you use when writing or speaking? Have you extended your vocabulary?

The elements above are delivered via content drawn from across the curriculum and involve problem solving and enquiry-based learning.

Topics covered have included 

  • Who was Jack The Ripper?
  • What is philosophy?
  • Should we have the death penalty in the UK?
  • Why do ordinary people do terrible things?

Pupils also take part in an academic enrichment programme that aims to develop awareness and useful skills in the following areas:-

Touch typing; researching; journalistic writing; practical and theoretical PE; manipulation of different software and hardware; politics and current affairs; the natural world; and, art and culture through the ages. Pupils have an element of choice over which routes they will follow throughout this enrichment programme.