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Entry into Fourth Form (Year 9)


Parents who wish their child to be considered for entry at 13 should firstly discuss their choice with their current Head whilst he or she is in Year 5, or up until the registration deadline in Year 6.

For those parents wishing to proceed with an application, a registration form, together with £100 registration fee should be received at St John’s by 1 November, at the latest, when a pupil is in Year 6 i.e. 34 months prior to entry.

References and Assessment

Once the closing date is passed, St John’s will request reference reports from a child’s current head and all candidates will be invited to a pre-assessment session to sit a mathematics, English and abilities test in the January of Year 6. All candidates will also have a short interview. For those who have registered for entry to St John’s in September 2021, the pre-assessments will take place on Monday 14 January, Tuesday 15 January and Wednesday 16 January 2019. Parents will be informed by Tuesday 18 December 2018 of a specific day and time for their children to attend. 

Based on a satisfactory report and pre-assessment outcome, an offer of a place may be made by the Head of St John’s and a closing date given by which a deposit and fee deposit will be requested to accept that place.  The deposits are subject to the School's terms and conditions as listed in the parent contract and parent handbook (available on our school policies' page) and may be refunded up to 20 months before the date of entry.  Parents are requested that in accepting a place at St John’s, they agree not to accept a place at another senior school.

Sample Assessments

To see sample copies of written pre-assessment papers (for year 6 pupils) please  click on the following links:



The abilities assessment is used to measure verbal, numerical and non-verbal ability. The allocated time for the assessment sections is just over 50 minutes (for the access-arrangements version it is 25% longer), and the assessment is administered in approximately a one-hour period.  All sections are individually timed and only the very able are expected to complete the section.

Please note that St John’s does not provide practice materials for the Abilities assessment. If a candidate takes the test at more than one school, the abilities test provider (CEM) will share the results of the candidate between the schools in questions.  The name of the other school(s) will not be disclosed.

Common Entrance

Candidates at schools who prepare for Common Entrance at 13+ and have accepted an offer of a place are required to take the Common Entrance papers at their current preparatory school in the June prior to entry in September. They are expected to achieve at least 55% and above in all subjects. Candidates who perform exceptionally well across a range of subjects will be considered for an Academic Scholarship. Should a candidate’s performance in Common Entrance be unsatisfactory and we are not able to confirm the place, the deposits will be refunded.

Once candidates have secured a place to join the school at 13+ they are welcome to apply for scholarships, the assessments for which take place in February of Year 8.

Non Prep School Entrants

Candidates at schools that do not prepare for Common Entrance and have accepted an offer are required to take the School’s own mathematics, English and abilities assessment. These assessments are held in the February prior to entry in September. Should a candidate's performance be unsatisfactory and we are not able to confirm the place, the deposits will be refunded.