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September 2018 entry

St John’s School offers a number of scholarships to candidates who demonstrate leadership and excellence in their specified field and also possess the potential to further develop in their time at St John’s.  It is expected that any candidate awarded a scholarship should maintain a level of excellence and commitment to that area of school life.  However, with this recognition come certain obligations and expectations.

Whilst it is usual to expect that any award made to a pupil joining St John’s will be held throughout that pupil’s time at the School, all awards are subject to an annual review and if a value is awarded (which is not always the case), it is of the day school fees.  The annual review covers issues such as attitude and participation and is designed to check that reasonable progress is being maintained in those areas of school life which are relevant.  Retaining a scholarship is subject to the Head’s approval and in some cases will depend on the pupil studying that discipline at GCSE or A level.  In the rare event that a pupil fails to meet and/or maintain the criteria specified, the award may be removed.

Candidates are welcome to apply for more than one scholarship. Information and criteria for scholarships available at the 3 points of entry are in the Scholarships booklet.

All scholarship assessments take place at St John’s and are assessed by our heads of department.  Candidates are encouraged to contact the relevant head of department for clarification on any particular discipline. 

Scholarship application forms are downloadable here or are available from the Admissions Office and should be returned, together with a fee of £50 per scholarship which is not refundable, by the following dates: 

Sixth Form (16+)

15 October 2017

Lower Third (11+)

1 November 2017

Fourth Form (13+)

15 December 2017