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Historically St John’s is a boarding school and, while the majority of our pupils are now day pupils, the thriving and healthy boarding community lies at the heart of the School. The School offers both weekly (five nights a week) and flexi-boarding (one or two nights a week).

The question of what boarding can offer a teenager is a common one. At St John’s we believe that boarding enhances the educational experience for all pupils in a number of ways.

The School strongly believes in a values-based education and boarding reinforces a number of the key values which St John’s regards as important preparation for a pupil’s life beyond school. First and foremost, boarding has an important role in developing the ‘social learning’ of a pupil; boarders learn to be loyal to, and part of, a community (and it is an acquired skill): something bigger than themselves and something they can rely on, but they need to play their part too. At St John’s we are proud of the good relationship and mutual support between younger and older pupils. This is the essence of a strong community. Yet it is not always easy and learning to tolerate, to compromise and to give and take is excellent preparation for later life.

Boarding nurtures pupils’ independence – the opportunity to develop in a safe and supportive environment, to make mistakes and to learn from them. It requires a sense of responsibility for themselves and this, in turn, helps them become more responsible, more organised and more self-disciplined. Although there is first-class pastoral care in every boarding house, there are still things they need to do for themselves.

Finally, boarding reinforces the academic emphasis of the School by giving structured time for homework each night and by the presence of house staff who can offer advice and support with difficult concepts or questions.

The Statement of Boarding Principles and Practice can be found on the School Policies page.