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Day Pupils

The majority of pupils at St John’s are day pupils and the School is a rich and full day school, where the day boys and girls experience a wide and enriching range of academic and co-curricular activities. All of these are underpinned by first-rate pastoral support centred on the House to which each pupil belongs. 

The house system also offers greater opportunities for leadership by pupils. Having learnt responsibility for themselves as young pupils, they are then taught how to be responsible for other people. Senior pupils are appointed as House Prefects, but all of the older pupils have the responsibility to maintain the warm atmosphere and inclusivity of the House. Younger pupils act as mentors for new pupils, and at every level there are opportunities to organise co-curricular activities, sports or charity events. In many ways these are the most important learning experiences of a pupil’s time at St John’s. It is no surprise that so many pupils at St John’s go on to make excellent leaders in their chosen careers. 

The Housemaster or Housemistress leads and manages the House and he or she is a first point of contact for parents for any advice or guidance. The Tutor sees the boys and girls at the beginning of each day for registration, and again at the end of the day. The relationship between Tutor and tutee is vital and the keystone of effective tutoring: the Tutor really gets to know the pupil and champions his or her cause when needed.