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Sixth Form

There is so much more to the Sixth Form at St John’s than academic study.  The house system is very strong and you will become an integral part of your house community from the day you join. As a member of the house, you will have the opportunity to compete in a variety of sporting or other house competitions including singing, debating, quizzes and drama.

Our Sixth Form students are leaders and many take part in the general running of St John’s as School or House Prefects.

Head of Sixth Form:   Alex Mogford,


Our aim at St John's is that the Sixth Form experience should be a challenging one that places special emphasis on the development of self-discipline and responsibility. The challenges result from the specific demands of the AS/A level courses, from the broad range of co-curricular activities that form an integral part of Sixth Form life and from the opportunities for leadership that the majority of the Sixth Form will be given.

The Sixth Form Programme

We fully endorse the aims of broadening the post-16 curriculum and of equipping pupils with the key skills they will need to succeed in their chosen professions. We also place a high value on the experiences and opportunities we are able to provide outside the classroom, which make a unique contribution to developing the whole person.

Our present general studies programme provides a broadening component to the Sixth Form curriculum. It exposes pupils to ideas from the arts, the sciences, religion, philosophy and the social sciences. Those wishing to apply to Oxford or Cambridge are allocated an academic tutor who will oversee a programme of extra work. For pupils new to St John's, who have not benefited from the extensive ICT programme in the lower school, support in ICT is available. And, the careers programme in the Sixth Form includes Careers Evenings attended by representatives from a broad range of careers.

Effective Use of Time

Being able to make effective use of the two years spent in the Sixth Form depends on setting the right priorities from the beginning. Pupils are expected to spend a minimum of four hours per week as study time, outside of the timetabled lessons, on each of their AS level subjects, increasing to six hours per week for each A level subject. Part of a pupil's study time will be spent in timetabled private study periods. In the Lower Sixth, these study periods usually take place in the Sixth Form Study Centre and are supervised by a member of staff. Once pupils reach the Upper Sixth they will be given the freedom to work in the Library or in their studies.

While academic studies are of paramount importance, the Sixth Form is not just about obtaining good examination results. A carefully planned programme of sporting and other co-curricular activities can provide relaxation and also contribute to personal and social development. Each pupil has a tutor with whom daily meetings in small groups are held. The tutor oversees academic work and progress, participation in activities and general well-being.