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School Calendar Help

The new School Calendar allows you to easily

  • view sporting fixtures and team sheets
  • filter events by category
  • view in the web browser on your mobile device
  • add events to display in your personal online calendar

The sections below explain how to use the new School Calendar in more detail.

If you are having any difficulties please contact Sally Hunt, the School Administrator:

Using the calendar online

  • You can view the calendar as either as a grid or a list by pressing the 'Grid' or 'List' buttons. (Not available when viewing on your phone.)
  • Press the day, week or month buttons to select how many events you would like to view.
  • Use the arrow buttons to view a different day/week/month.
  • In grid view tap or click an event to view the event.
  • Press the 'Details' button to view full details for a calendar event.
  • Add a single event to your personal calendar by pressing the 'Add to my calendar' button at the bottom of the details. This links to an iCal event which should be automatically added to your calendar on supported devices, or can be saved locally and opened in your calendar application.

Viewing sport fixtures

Sport fixtures can be viewed in both the School Calendar and the main Sport section of the website. For further details on viewing the Sport section on mobile devices, including how to add an icon to your device home screen, please read the Sport section FAQ.

Pressing the 'Details' button for a sporting fixture will allow you to access the detailed timings, as well as viewing team sheets. After a fixture has taken place the result and match report is also available through the School Calendar.

Filtering the calendar

You can filter the calendar to only show certain types of events.

  • If the filters are not visible at the right hand side of the screen, press the 'FILTER CALENDAR' button at the top of the calendar to display the list of event categories.
  • Use the check-boxes to remove the tick next to any event categories that you do not want to be displayed in the calendar. The categories are displayed in two sections 'Categories' and 'Sport'. The categories you select will be remembered the next time you view the calendar.
  • Tick 'Select All' above the categories to make all event categories visible.
  • When viewing on mobile press the 'Close Filters' button at the top of the 'Filter Calendar' popup to return to the calendar with only selected events visible.

See the instructions below for how to add a filtered calendar view to your own personal calendar.

Viewing on a mobile device

  • If viewing on a mobile device please view the mobile calendar with no site navigation.

Adding a calendar icon to your mobile device homepage

On iPhone/iPad in Safari

  • Tap the 'Share' button (the box with an arrow coming out of it)
  • Tap 'Add to Home Screen'
  • Edit the name for the homescreen icon and tap 'Add'

On Android phones and tablets in Chrome

  • Tap the chrome menu button (top right, usually 3 dots)
  • Tap 'Add to Home screen' in menu
  • Edit the name for the homescreen icon and tap 'Add'

Adding to your personal online calendar

The School Calendar is available as a web calendar ('webcal') feed that can be set to display alongside your own diary entries in your personal online calendar.

The instructions below will help you add the calendar to your personal online calendar, and only need to be carried out once as the events will update automatically with new events and changes to the details of existing events.

However, it is always recommended that you check the online calendar directly for critical events and times to prevent issues with your personal calendar not having picked up the most recent changes.

  • Open the new School Calendar in a web browser on a computer, or mobile device that you can access your personal calendar settings from.
  • Filter the calendar to only show the categories of events you want to add
  • Press the 'CALENDAR SYNC' button
  • Press the relevant 'Synchronize' button
  • If pressing the button does nothing you will need to add the relevant webcal:// address (url) manually. This is usually done in your calendar's settings. If supported there will be an 'Add Internet Calendar' or 'Add by URL' option. Details for popular online calendar services are provided below..
  • Using a computer the easiest way to copy the webcal url is to right mouse click (Control and mouse click on a Mac) the 'Synchronize Filtered Calendar' or 'Synchronize Entire Calendar' buttons and select 'Copy link'.
  • The link for the entire calendar without filters is webcal://'s%20School,%20Leatherhead%20Calendar&ID=228

Google calendar

  • Open Google Calendar in a web browser
  • Find the 'Other calendars' section on the left of the page
  • Press the down arrow button to the right of this section heading
  • Select the 'Add by URL' option
  • Paste the webcal url and press the 'Add Calendar' button

Yahoo calendar 

  • Open Yahoo calendar in a web browser
  • If the left panel is hidden, click the Arrow Icon in the left margin.
  • At the bottom of this section, press the Manage icon next to Others
  • Select Follow Other Calendars
  • Paste the URL in the iCal Address field and give the calendar any name you like
  • Press Continue

Outlook (Windows Desktop)

  • The button should open a popup asking you to select the application to use
  • Choose 'Outlook'  
  • Choose 'Outlook 2016' to open this
  • Choose 'Yes' to 'Add this Internet Calendar to Outlook and subscribe to updates'

Office 365 

  • Open Office 365 calendar in a web browser
  • Follow the instructions for Outlook (Website) below ( Hotmail / Live Mail / MSN Mail) 

Outlook (Website)

  • Press the 'Add calendar button' above the calendar
  • Choose 'From internet' to display the 'Calendar subscription' side panel
  • Paste the webcal:// link and give the calendar a name
  • Press the 'Save' button at the top of the 'Calendar subscription' panel

iCloud on a Mac

  • The button should open a 'Launch Application' popup
  • Press 'OK'
  • Press 'Subscribe'
  • Un-check the remove Alerts/Attachments/Reminders
  • Choose 'Auto-refresh' time for how often you want to check for updates